Thanks for your input. i downloaded gimp2.6.4, i configured this with some 
packages like(babl,gegl,glib....) and i did make and make install on fedora 10 
host machine. This is working fine.

But i need gimp2.6.4 to be cross compiled with arm-linux-gcc. For this i need 
to cross compile all these packages(babl,gegl,glib...) and then gimp2.6.4 or 
just i need compile gimp2.6.4

-- Sanjeev  

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2009/1/20 sanju More <sanjee...@inetfi.com>:
> Is it possible to cross compile gimp2.6.4? i am trying to cross compile 
> gimp2.6.4 with arm-linux-gcc. Pleae let me know the procedure to do this.
> Is there any toolchains required?

I cross-compile from x86 linux to windows and I imagine it's pretty
similar. You need to build the cross-compiler (perhaps you have this
already?), then build the software stack that gimp depends upon, then
build gimp.

Google suggests:



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