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> I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here or anything like that. I'm just
> wondering whether during the great discussions of old about changing the
> name of the program, the name 'Wilber' was considered? Wilber sounds
> like a good name not just for a mascot, but for gimp as well. No
> acronyms, no play on words, no hidden meanings (that I know of).

Not this again... :(

Anyone who is offended by the acronym GIMP (or words in general) ought
to step back and take a long look at atrocities commited every day:
humans killing each other (often in the name of religion), humans
allowing others to starve, and the list goes on...  This world faces
far larger problems than a bit of wordplay.  So many people suffered
horribly at the hands of the Spanish Inquisition that I am offended by
any symbol depicting the Roman Catholic Church - but I hardly go
around asking every church to take down their crucifixes - life's too
short ;)

Here we have humans working together for free to deliver a free - as
in freedom - photo editor.  I believe nothing short of a fork is going
to change the name, and I respect that decision.  Those who are
"offended" should lighten up a bit - they'll live longer ;)

These are only my own opinions of course, and do not reflect the
positions of GIMP or Gnome in any way...

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