Whenever a new bugfix release is released, the Gimp homepage has a news item. In
it are install instructions saying:
"Binary packages for the various supported platforms should become available
soon; please check the Downloads section. "

Now, I'm using Ubuntu so if I scroll down to the Ubuntu section in the download
page I get this:
"Ubuntu or Debian users can simply run apt-get install gimp to get the latest
stable release of GIMP."

Now here's the thing: unless you change the software sources, the version of
Gimp you're going to get using that is NOT the latest bugfix release but the one
your version of Ubuntu came with - 2.6.1 in the case of Ubuntu 8.10. 

Is there a way to install 2.6.4 (or any other bugfix version or developer
snapshot) on Ubuntu? Are there alternate software sources that should be
specified? If so, what are they and can they be added to the install
instructions on the website?  

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