There are already two fast nonlinear resamplers implemented in GEGL:

YAFR (gegl-sampler-yafr.c)


Nohalo-sharp (gegl-sampler-sharp.c). 

Both are a little slower than gegl-sampler-linear, but faster than
gegl-sampler-bicubic. See the (informal) benchmarks at

Code wise, you may want to have a look at the following:

This is the lowest quality/fastest version of a scheme which, at
higher quality levels, should compete advantageously will NEDI in the
good looks department.

Nohalo-sharp is (literally as we speak!) also being implemented in
vips, and on the GPU (with DirectX).

A not yet implemented variant of the scheme, Nohalo-Smooth, will look
smoother (duh!).

YAFR (Yet Another Fast Resampler) is likely to be made obsolete by the
higher level nohalos.



I'd love manpower (GSoC?) to implement Nohalo-Smooth and/or either
Nohalo at higher quality levels.

(Just a wish.)

Nicolas Robidoux
Laurentian University/Universite Laurentienne

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