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> > > What is "visible"?
> > Using GIMP's terminology it is projection --- flattened stack of layers.
> Sorry, I am not accustomed to developer terminology. "visible" is
> related to a flattened stack of layers? I don't understand that.
> Is "visible" referring to the visible part of an image, as when the
> canvas is smaller than the image, or to the visible layers (the 'eye')?

It is the copy of how the image looks, the visible result of your work.

> That's evident.
> The resulting layer is the same with both commands. What is the interest
> of adding this new layer on top of the stack?

The aim is to further manipulate the result, but keep the steps that created
this situation. Example: You want to selectively blur some areas of your
multilayer image. You create a new layer from what you see, blur it and then
erase the parts you want your original work to show.

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