I apologize if this is not the correct method to bring up this feature
GIMP currently supports Wacom tablets and pressure sensitivity using the
command line argument --use-wintab (for windows), but it does not appear to
recognize N-Trig pressure sensitive tablets.  N-Trig currently supplies HP
and Dell tablets with digitizer pen and touch functionality and has recently
partnered with Microsoft re: Windows 7.

I believe the N-Trig has SDKs available for download.  The reason I bring
this up is because there are very limited commercial options for N-trig
pressure sensitivity recognition - Adobe and JASC/Corel do not support
N-Trig, and while there are some sketch pad programs that do, nothing with
the functionality that GIMP provides exist.  Would it be possible to add
this feature to GIMP?

I'm a GIMP user and recently purchased a new tablet PC.  The program is
excellent and I recommend it to my friends.

Thanks for your time,

Nick Caylor
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