On Saturday 31 January 2009, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> But when trying i I could not help bu tnote it also show upswht the text
> tool --
> text tool should be able to work with an epty image, should'nt it?
> The move tool, o the other hand, is not displaying the message properly. I
> t does, however whe n I try to move a path on a 0 layer image - then,
> instead of moving the path it eels me it is expecing layers.

- Not only the move tool, but all other transformation tools should be able to 
work as well.

- The same holds for the align tool.

- Probably there's no harm in allowing the crop tool to work (if the "Current 
layer only" option is deactivated).

- The path tool doesn't react on pressing Ctrl (when there are no layers) as 
it should (usually this modifier allows to close a path).

- At least some of the selection tool could also work.  Note that in the quick 
mask, painting is not possible (the mouse even cannot be moved while pressing 
its button), but the brush outline is shown.

Looks like a good change, but maybe with more work under the hood than 


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