there are two issues with your patch that we should try to solve. The
first is that your approach doesn't follow the roadmap we've set for
this. Our decision was not to introduce high bit depths before we
haven't changed all tools, all core operations and at least provide an
API for plug-ins to work in higher bit depths. But then you are probably
right that we need to start somewhere...

The other problem I see with your approach is that image loading is done
by the core. That is something that we should try to avoid by all means.
I suggest that we add a plug-in API that allows file loaders to pass the
location of a disk-backed GeglBuffer to the core. That should be a
reasonable way to get layer data to the core without the risk of
crashing the core due to some problem in the file loader.

It would be nice if you could keep us up-to-date with regard to your
hacking. Perhaps you could send an updated patch to the list?


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