I'm attempting to create a plugin/filter for GIMP with GEGL since
that appears to be the preferred future. The filter I'm trying to use
already exists in GEGL so implementing it there isn't an issue.
However I was looking to see if there are any examples for this but I
haven't found anything. I know that the layer modes and color tools
have been implemented in GEGL. There was some talk briefly the other
week about making unsharp mask into a GEGL version which would be a
good example but I haven't seen any updates on that for a while.

    Does anyone here know of any good examples on properly using GEGL
within GIMP for this purpose or where to start? Would a GEGL
implementation of a color tool be enough of an example? An example I
looked to try to figure this out was the Color Balance tool but I want
to make sure I'm on the right track.

    Thank you for your time. Any help is appreciated.

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