> Great idea!
> What about include GPS on Gimp official release?
> El Mi?rcoles, 4 de Febrero de 2009 00:41:05 David Gowers escribi?:
> > One thing I noticed, is that presets for gimp-mixbrush-tool are
> > included; these presets will only work if your GIMP has been patched
> > with the patch available here:
> > http://sourceforge.jp/projects/gimp-painter/
> Why gimp-painter patch is not included on Gimp?
> There are some problems about that?
> Thanks!
> > Wow, this is really nice. Finally someone discovered the power of tool
> > presets.
> Indeed! Now, I don't really want to stop the fun pouring in :), but
> this is probably because nobody had time to create a better UI for
> them. With all respect due a 3rd level menu item is something people
> rarely like to go for :( I wonder if Peter's usability research
> covered that. Hopefully GPS will trigger someone's programming mind :)
> Alexandre

It would be really nice to see this in the official Gimp releases, indeed.
It might also be a good idea to translate the manual to english as well.
You can more or less extract what you need from it, but english is a
language a lot more people can understand to a certain degree.
I've only recently started to get in the "comfort zone" with gimp, and
things like this just make me happy :)
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