I'm sorry if this is not the proper place to post this , but I have a
question and I hope some of you may be able to help me, so here goes:
I need to apply a gaussian high pass filter on a grayscale image represented
as a pixel matrix.
After doing some reading I understand that I need to a pply a transformation
matrix on each pixel of the image, actually a transformation vector in two
passes, once for the x axis and once for the y axis resulting in something
like(for a row, for example):

transofrmationSum = the sum of the transformationVector elements
for (i=0, i<pixels.size; i++) {
   for (j=0, j<tranformationVector.size; j++) {
      pixels[i] = pixels[i] +

Please tell me if this is correct and how do I compute the transormation
matrix for the gaussian high pass filter.

Thank you,
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