On Tuesday 10 February 2009, Jackson Tam wrote:
> 1. Can you tell me what the source code we need to include looks like
> specifically? If we were to simply include the Gimp installer (the
> setup.exe file), the source code is already packaged inside, right?

Unless someone here can give you a better answer, maybe ask the windows 
packager at http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/contact.html .  But sinze 
the ...setup.exe is about the same size as the source code packages 
themselves, I don't think they can be included already.  You can find the 
sources linked from the gimp-win home page (the link named "Releases"). There 
select the release you're interested in and get the source packages 
(architecture: "platform independent", usually just archives in some format), 
gtk+, babl, gegl and gimp, maybe the libexif there  as well.

> 2. Do you know if this permission applies internationally too? We're
> interested in distributing to the US, Mexico, and maybe Europe.

The GPL is a license that grant you extra rights (beyond use and those rights 
you have in each country anyway), if you agree to it.  Its creators do their 
best to make it as widely applicable as possible, but, as Chris wrote, have a 
look at their site for more information.

> 3. Is the 2007 GPL the most current?

There's no 2007 GPL (only versions, like 2 or 3), the relevant one is the one 
found in the "LICENSE" and "COPYING" files in each source package. (AFAIK 
it's version 2 or later for the current releases.)

> 4. And lastly, do I need to contact anyone else besides you? (The
> company I work for is a bit afraid of GPL's since there is no direct
> contact person. So we want to cover all bases).

The GPL is kind of an agreement between all the authors (so there cannot be 
just one contact in most cases) of a program and its users.  The authors 
offer the users the GPL's conditions.  If the users accept, they can 
redistribute and copy the program (under these conditions).  If they don't, 
they don't gain the right to copy the software and no harm is done to anyone.  
(You and your company are the users in this case.)  It's your choice to 
either accept the conditions or not.

I am not a lawyer, but that's basically how I understand the GPL and explain 
it to people :)

And there's no reason to be afraid of it, the GPL is not there to restrict 
usage or distribution, but just tries to guarantee this freedom to your 
customers as well.  So as long as you tell them "Hey, GIMP is free, just copy 
it and give it to your friends as well if you want." probably nobody will 
bite you.


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