On Wednesday 11 February 2009 08:46:26 Alpár Jüttner wrote:
> > You don't need permission as long as you follow the rules of the
> > license. As Gimp is under the GPL the most important rule is to add the
> > source code on the CD too.
> By the way, isn't it enough to publish it on the net? E.g. one could
> provide a link to the gimp website for the original source, plus publish
> their modification on their own website (or include only these parts on
> the CD)?

Pointing to gimp website is not enough. They must provide the version of the 
source, tha binary is built from, from their own servers and yes, link to it 
is enough if they do not wish to use the space on the disk for a tarball. 

> The Linux kernel is also GLP, but the majority of Linux CD distributions
> does not ship the source.
No, but they have to provide it from their repros and they do AFAIK.
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