Heh, I almost forgot that I made that comment.

What I was trying to say was that tabs were a different topic than docking
dialogues.  Besides, if it were up to me, every image could have a
customised set-up for its tools and information windows to fit the need for
of the task at hand, although I can already see a few logistical issues with

But concerning tabbed image windows, be sure to evaluate the usage of other
tabbed apps before considering that the gimp should have them.  In your
browser windows and text editors the majority of manipulation is part of the
nature of the media; that is, your tools are in your work itself.  With
images, you work with a number of different tools that are commonly accessed
by ways outside of the image (in menu bars, tool box buttons, palette
selectors, and various other dialogues) and putting those access points in
different places would seriously cut down on ease of use (a big problem with
multiple windows with multiple menu bars).  3D modelling and CADD programs
(such as blender and autocad) can definitely provide a lot of guidance here
due to their similar paradigms.  Note their success--like heavy reliance on
keyboard short-cuts and (partially) homogeneous modes of interaction--but
also their failings--steep learning curves and technical barriers to
repetitive tasks.

Sorry if this was a bit long-winded and tangential, but I hope I clarified
my original point

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