As you might already know, GIMP from next version will allow to tag
resources (brushes, patterns, etc). It would be nice to create a
default tag set for resources provided in a standard GIMP
distribution. If someone would like to volunteer, there are following
options to create (possibly partial) tag set:

* (easier) edit tags from GUI or tags.xml (found in
$HOME/.gimp-2.7/tags.xml) file directly and send the tags.xml file to
me and I could take care of updating the necessary files in source

* (harder) edit gimp/data/tags/gimp-tags-default.xml.in directly. File
structure is pretty simple and each entry should look similar to this
(<resource>s are already generated, only <tag>s need to be added):
   <resource identifier="gimp-brush-clipboard"

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Best regards,
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