On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 1:37 PM, hOSHI wrote:

>> Which is also usually considered as bad practice. Sorry :)
> considered by whom?
> in a professional tool there need to be some settings.

In my long-time observation people who express their opinion in the
lines of "fine with me as long as you make it optional" and get what
they ask for end up with ultimately cluttered UIs.

A tool should work out of box and help getting the work done right
away. When people rely on customization instead, they *usually* create
interfaces that require customization *before* you actually can start
doing anything. Can you still recall the mess called "This is the
first time you run GIMP, so go make yourself a pint of coffee, sit
back and go through this long and stupid wizard"? This is why I say
that customization is overrated.

What I suggest you is to look really well at your proposal: it
basically boils down to making a good deal of proposed functionality
not obvious. And while having side-by-side views definitely has a
place in workflow of an art-director or a collage designer, hiding
correspondent prefs would be a nightmare.

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