>hi all,
>i have downloaded gegel and babl fron the following link
>But when i reach inside the unzip folder of gegl-0.0.22 through the command
prompt and give the command ./configure ( the first step given for compiling
on http://gegl.org/ ) in unzip folder of gegl-0.0.22 
>it gives the error 
>babl package is not found
>so make changes in the pkg-config or alternative is the set babl-cflags and
babl-libs so that there is no need to call pkg-config
>so gegl.pc is not formed.
>But when i give the same command in the unzip folder of babl-0.0.22 then it
gives no error and inside it babl.pc is formed.
>please tell me what should i do??????I have tried a lot but could not find
the solution.What i tried is i add the path in  the PKG_CONFIG_PATH,  where i
place babl-0.0.22.But of no use, it it giving same error.

you first need to compile babl, set environment variables and then build gegl
and gimp.

there is a short step by step instruction for how to do this with gimp 2.6 -
but you can easily adept it to compile 2.7 as well.


hope that helps

Bernhard S.
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