Hi all,

My name is Ding Jie, and Jenny is my English name. I'm a first-grade
post-graduate student, major in Image Processing, and very interested
in algorithms of this field.

Thanks for neo's suggestion, I found SIOX is very interesting. I have
read some paper about SIOX written by Gerald, and feel SIOX have
potential to improve.

Firstly, SIOX performs not good when dealing with gray images.
Secondly, it isn't good at extracting things from a background whose
color is similar to foreground. I'm wondering is it possible to use
some new approaches side-by-side, and make the final output as the
combination of all those approaches' output.

My skill of programing: An experienced GNU/Linux user, skill in open
source developing tools(gcc, gdb, svn, etc.), fluent C programing and
Perl programing, and know some Python. A drawback is I have no GTK+
programing experience, but I believe it not be hard if I learn. :)

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