>There's a shortcut under the Tools menu to open the toolbox;
>after quite some time helping people on the GIMP IRC channels,
>I think it would also be helpful to have a shortcut on the
>Layers menu to show the layers dock.
>Once people discover how the Layers dialogue box works, their
>understanding of GIMP progresses very fast.  People don't tend
>to look for it under windows->dockable thingies because they
>don't know it's a dockable thingie.  Or, as Alan Cooper would
>say, we have to help the Perpetual intermediates become Experts :)

The standard hotkey for reaching the layers dock is CTRL+L.
The standard hotkey for reaching the toolbox dock is CTRL+B.
Since gimp 2.4(?) you can also show hide all docks using the TAB key


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