When closing an individual document in Gimp, the dialog presents these
buttons; (modifiers in parenthesis)

Do[n]'t Save, [C]ancel, [S]ave

The Gnome HIG states that this should be:

Close [w]ithout Saving, [C]ancel, Save [A]s
(Save As may also be [S]ave if the document is not new)

This is what the user expects since most other Gnome applications use
this. Having a different dialog slows down the unsuspection user. I also
think personally that it slows down an experienced user who uses many
Gnome desktop applications.

An example of an application which meets the guidelines is Gedit. It
would be nice if Gnome would honour the HIG and it would certainly make
a smoother ride for the average user.

I use the Gnome desktop quite intensively and if all the
document-centric Gnome applications had the same keyboard shortcuts for
at the very least - modal dialogs, it would make things a lot easier. I
believe these dialogs should be trivial as the user knows what they want
to do with their document and the choices should be made easily
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