On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 02:22 +0000, Jarlath Reidy wrote:

> When closing an individual document in Gimp, the dialog presents these
> buttons; (modifiers in parenthesis)
> Do[n]'t Save, [C]ancel, [S]ave
> The Gnome HIG states that this should be:
> Close [w]ithout Saving, [C]ancel, Save [A]s
> (Save As may also be [S]ave if the document is not new)

Last time I checked our dialog was exactly as the HIG specifies it. So
it looks like they changed this in the HIG with version 2.2. Feel free
to send us a patch and we will consider it for inclusion in GIMP 2.8.

There is also still some work needed on the dialog that is shown when
multiple images are open and GIMP is quit. There should be the
possibility to save the image from this dialog. Well, actually, there is
this possibility. You can drag the images from this dialog to your
XDS-capable file-browser or desktop to have them saved there. But this
is something that only few users will ever discover.


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