Jarlath wrote:

> When closing an individual document in Gimp, the dialog presents  
> these buttons; (modifiers in parenthesis)
> Do[n]'t Save, [C]ancel, [S]ave
> The Gnome HIG states that this should be:
> Close [w]ithout Saving, [C]ancel, Save [A]s
> (Save As may also be [S]ave if the document is not new)

to give a professionals perspective:

the only thing that really has an impact on usability in this
case is the [n] keyboard shortcut vs the [w] one GIMP uses.

the rest is the same (enough) to sail through a usability test.

this is really small fry. the stuff you find in the appendix
of a usability test or expert evaluation report. for instance
2 orders of magnitude more serious is gtk's (?) insistence to
show gnome file dialogs on non-gnome UI platforms.

now that is a tragedy...


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