On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 13:03 +0100, peter sikking wrote:

> this is really small fry. the stuff you find in the appendix
> of a usability test or expert evaluation report. for instance
> 2 orders of magnitude more serious is gtk's (?) insistence to
> show gnome file dialogs on non-gnome UI platforms.

If GTK+ wouldn't do that, then we would have to drop support for other
platforms and concentrate on just GNOME. We definitely don't have enough
resources to support native dialogs on all platforms. That would be a
maintenance nightmare.

Look at the Print dialog as an example of why wrapping native dialogs in
a cross-platform toolkit doesn't work well. GTK+ provides an abstraction
for the platform native Print dialog. From an application developer
point of view, this is a complete mess. We have tons of problems with
this dialog that we can't solve as they are platform specific. Now you
are asking for the same mess for the file-chooser, no thanks.

If we had lots of active developers on all platforms, that would change
things. But that is not the case, so we will have to make the best out
of the cross-platform solution that GTK+ provides.

I also know that many GIMP users use GIMP on several platforms (for
example Linux at home and Windows at work). These users appreciate that
the behavior is pretty much independent from the platform. Of course for
other users this makes it more difficult.

The GTK+ people are trying hard to integrate their file-chooser better
with the underlying platform. GTK+ 2.16 improves this situation again.
Also GIMP tries to integrate well with the native file-browser. This
means that users can often avoid using the GTK+ file-chooser dialog if
they dislike its behavior.


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