Sven Neumann ( wrote (in part)  (on 2009-03-15 at 10:09):
 Also GIMP tries to integrate well with the native file-browser. This
 means that users can often avoid using the GTK+ file-chooser dialog
 if they dislike its behavior.

Can you explain what you mean here - especially wrt Windows platform? Just Open-with and drag-drop from explorer, desktop or IE-browser? Or something more? I've not seen any mechanism to save aside from using the GTK+ dialog.

Also, drag-to-desktop from Tools-[x] - "you will lose changes dialog" mentioned earlier in this or a related thread doesn't work in Windows, though I guess you weren't asserting that it would (just "some" *-nix desktops?)

The image or layer "tile" drags but won't drop

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