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> On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 22:04 +0200, LightningIsMyName wrote:
>> 1. How will the user create multi-paged PDFs? Should he choose
>> different images, one for each page? (This sounds like the most
>> reasonable way compared to other ways I thought of).
> Why would we want to allow the user to create multi-paged PDF files?
> Perhaps, before anything else, we need to clearly define what the
> purpose of PDF export is. We certainly don't want to provide a tool to
> create an illustrated book. That's what page layout applications are
> used for.

I believe that we should have the option to export multi-paged PDFs,
since we have the option to import them, and to me it makes sense that
we should be able to export what we can import. Gimp may not be a
page-layout program, yet doing multi-paged PDFs isn't too hard, and
won't hurt anyone...

And about what you said on page layout tools, there is some sense in
what you said. Therfore, I think it would be indeed simpler to ignore
paths untill gimp has vector layers, since these aren't the main point
of the PDF plugin. The only feature I believe that is necessary, is to
draw single-colored rectangles as drawing and not as bitmap-images
(Imagine a background layer for a large scale image - a bitmap image
can be a big waist of memory).
However, this can be solved easily by finding all the layers in the
image which have only 1 color (same RGBA values everywhere). I still
need to figure out how to do this (probably using gimp_histogram in
some way).

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