I send files to print shops every week. Here in argentina even serious
printers require proprietary file formats like AIs and CDR, though
they're fine with tiffs and PDFs.
I don't understand why there is so much interest in supporting PDF
export from GIMP, since the exported data will be only bitmap, and in
that case a tiff file is enough and is absolutely compatible with every
design program out there.
In my oppinion, PDF only makes sense if there is mixed data like bitmap
images and vector shapes or text. For flattened bitmaps, I'd say TIFF is
even safer than PDF.
My current workflow consists in separate RGB images to a CMYK tiff using
the Separate+ Plugin. Usually I do some black overprint tweaking using
the faux channels that Separate+ creates.
When I need a PDF, I use Scribus or this

I think PDF will only make sense when vector shapes, CMYK color and spot
channels are in GIMP.
Meanwhile, Separated Tiffs are enough and I think that putting time and
efforts on a PDF exporter wouldn't make a real difference.

I'd prefer to see the separate plugin integrated in gimp, direct save of
the separated tiff through the save plugin, importing separated tiffs
directly (opening CMYK tiffs currently results in an uncorrected image
with distorted colors wich is pretty unusable).

So -1 to this. There are oteher things far more important than this.


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