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> Hi,
> On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 20:43 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
>> The product vision states that "GIMP is a high-end photo manipulation
>> application" and that certainly includes support for editing images in
>> the CMYK color space.
> It certainly doesn't. Photos are taken in an RGB color space. It makes
> sense to do some processing in other color spaces such as LAB. But CMYK
> is totally inadequate for manipulating photos.
> Being able to do a color separation to CMYK is sometimes required in
> order to prepare an image for print (even though the printer can almost
> always do this much better). Editing an image in CMYK is not required
> though.

It is helpful to see an approximation of CMYK on the screen before you
go to print - many colors available in the RGB color space fall
outside of the CMYK gamut.  RGB blue is likely the worst offender -
fill an image with solid #0000FF and print it to a color printer and
you will see quite a shift in color.

Take a simple case: annotating a photo with some text (for print use)
- working in CMYK space would prevent the user from using #0000FF as
the text color (or actually convert it from #0000FF to its CMYK equiv
on the fly) - giving a reasonably accurate representation of the final
printed output on the screen.

A more complicated case: removing small black text from the CMY
channels manually (to improve legibility) - or more realistically only
applying the small text to the K channel.  Editing the channels in
CMYK would be more comfortable than running through the separation
process first and then making changes - and the ability to use CMYK
swatches (in this case C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=100) could also speed things
up dramatically.

Of course this is not a trivial task, and I'm not holding my breath.
Although it might not be hard to throw up a projection of the current
image with a generic CMYK profile applied to it - that would be enough
to satisfy the simple use-case above.  Oh, and I guess we're rapidly
drifting off-topic in re to PDF export ;)

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