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> Irena Damsky wrote:
> > would appreciate a reaction,
> >     can something like this, or like "colorization by example" such as
> >
> http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/~dcor/online_papers/papers/colorization05.pdf<http://www.cs.tau.ac.il/%7Edcor/online_papers/papers/colorization05.pdf>
> A colourization plug-in could be interesting. Not sure if it could be done
> in
> the time frame of GSoC. There would be a certain amount of work needed just
> on
> the implementation of the UI that let you mark parts of the image that
> would
> get certain colours.
> --
> Cheers!
> Kevin.

Actually this semester I'm working on a project for school that a part of it
will be the implemantation of this algorithm.
I thought more in the lines of implementing the "automatic" coloring
algorithm that colors the image based on an example and then using user
refinment enhances the result to make it "perfect".
Actually the user refinment of the result picture is almost as the "manual"
coloring scheme --> on a result image that was colored using the algorithm
you use brush strokes to "enhance" parts that we're not colored correctly...
so, in a black and white image, by using brush strokes you can spesify that
a certain region should be for example green using the same functunality of
the algorithm.

unfortunatly, I've almost never wrote GUI implementation, niether in my work
place nor in any school work (only once in a project I had to hand in and it
was written in Matlab) thus the GUI of the implemantaion will be a good
lesson to me. is it possiable to submit a project proposal and in it to
extand the point that I'll need more mentoring in the GUI implemantation?

I love the idea of adding a plug-in like this to the GIMP :)

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