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> It is helpful to see an approximation of CMYK on the screen before you
> go to print - many colors available in the RGB color space fall
> outside of the CMYK gamut.  RGB blue is likely the worst offender -
> fill an image with solid #0000FF and print it to a color printer and
> you will see quite a shift in color.

GIMP already provides that. You can ask for a Soft Proof and it will
show you an approximation of what will be printed based on the CMYK
printer profile you specified. It can also show you out-of-gamut colors.

> Take a simple case: annotating a photo with some text (for print use)
> - working in CMYK space would prevent the user from using #0000FF as
> the text color (or actually convert it from #0000FF to its CMYK equiv
> on the fly) - giving a reasonably accurate representation of the final
> printed output on the screen.

In order to do that, all you need is to be able to select an RGB color
by specifying the CMYK values (and of course you should get exactly that
CMYK color then as a result of the RGB->CMYK conversion). You can
already do that. If you specify a CMYK profile, the CMYK color selector
will make use of that.


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