On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:43 PM, Irena Damsky wrote:

> Actually this semester I'm working on a project for school that a part of it
> will be the implemantation of this algorithm.
> I thought more in the lines of implementing the "automatic" coloring
> algorithm that colors the image based on an example and then using user
> refinment enhances the result to make it "perfect".
> Actually the user refinment of the result picture is almost as the "manual"
> coloring scheme --> on a result image that was colored using the algorithm
> you use brush strokes to "enhance" parts that we're not colored correctly...
> so, in a black and white image, by using brush strokes you can spesify that
> a certain region should be for example green using the same functunality of
> the algorithm.
> unfortunatly, I've almost never wrote GUI implementation, niether in my work
> place nor in any school work (only once in a project I had to hand in and it
> was written in Matlab) thus the GUI of the implemantaion will be a good
> lesson to me. is it possiable to submit a project proposal and in it to
> extand the point that I'll need more mentoring in the GUI implemantation?

I'm sorry to spoil the party, but...


What could be interesting is implementation of

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