Hello happy CMYK warriors,

This is valuable input you're giving actually
How about collecting these use cases for prepress in the wiki here
http://wiki.gimp.org/gimp/ ?

(like the UI team did with brainstorm here :
http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com/ )

You could put it using these kind of chapters :

This way, we could specify the GIMP a bit better and coordinate dev efforts

enjoy this day !


On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 16:21, Alexandre Prokoudine <
alexandre.prokoud...@gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 11:17 PM, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > On Mon, 2009-03-23 at 21:02 +0100, Martin Nordholts wrote:
> >
> >> Yes, processing shall as long as possible be done in RGB, but at some
> >> point you need to convert to the CMYK color space and a high-end photo
> >> app should support editing also in this color space.
> >
> > Why? Because you say so? All high-end photo editing applications are
> > pushing for an RGB only work-flow these days. There is no need to do any
> > editing in CMYK. If you really want to insist that being able to edit
> > CMYK is needed and that developer resources should be spent on it, then
> > you should at least give a compelling reason.
> There was a somewhat heated discussion of this thread at
> linuxgraphics.ru forum and here are several examples from people who
> deal with prepress work on daily basis:
> 1. Client brings an image for poster in CMYK which needs color
> correction. Urgent work, not time to ask him to redo it. Double color
> space conversion is out of question. So he had to use Photoshop from
> VMWare.
> 2. You have a newspaper where first page should have a two-color
> photo: black (C=0%M=0%Y=0%K<=100%) and blue (C<=100%M=0%Y=0%K=0%).
> separate+ however separates black to 4 channels.
> 3. Some print houses set limit to overall sum of colors, for example
> 180%. So if you take Cyan 100% + Magenta 100% (already 200%) + a
> little of K and Y this will result in unnatural colors in a newspaper.
> 4. Live density control for each CMYK channel is a must (Scribus/SVN
> has that in preview dialog).
> To me it's somewhat strange that GIMP's product vision doesn't mention
> prepress needs explicitly.
> Alexandre
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