> And finally, I agree with Sven that I don't know why anyone would 
> want to have multipage PDF output for GIMP. 

This is very simple : Illustrator CS4 has just implemented a real
multipage PDF support. 
My opinion, if worth, is that gimp don't have to copy adobe software,
even if there are many good idea in those too. Gimp actual CMYK
conversion process is good for most of the jobs and actually much more
since i know only very few print shop working with a really accurate
Color management. But it's true and in some cases having too rich black
(such as 300 % or 360 % like i already get on day). Finally, there is a
plugin that can export each plate separately, but needs improvement too,
for sure. This is also the case with Inkscape. My workflow is usually to
make the PDF in Scribus after having imported the RGB picture. The
output seems to be better. (at least Adobe user could read InDesign
documentation and see this also the workflow recommended now even in
Adobe process. And i think once they'll have publish a complete PDF
Ripping process it will be more and more the case).

If that helps.


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