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   For CMYK the following ops need to be implemented:

   CMYK-from-RGB - takes a GeglBuffer as input, has options for black
   subtraction, ICC profile selection, gamut handling and similar,
   provides four gray scale GeglBuffers as output.

   CMYK-to-RGB - takes a four separate gray scale GeglBuffers as input
   and provides an RGB soft proof.

   CMYK-to-CMYK - which converts to a CMYK GeglBuffer (OK, GEGL and babl
   actually support very naive CMYK buffers, these buffers are fragile
   should probably only be used as a prestep to passing the buffer to a
   TIFF or similar saving op.

   Similar duotone-from-RGB and a configurable duotone-to-RGB or special
   five channel ops for use with CMYK with additional spot colors, or
   perhaps even a generic configurable ink-mixer op could be implemented.

   If a person with interest in these things want to he could also add
   support for 1bit GeglBuffers and generate the final raster to be
   printed at the printers native DPI.

FYI, most inkjet printers these days are actually 2 bits per physical

A lot of this already exists in Gutenprint; you may want to look at

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