I'm leaving the Gimp list now as I'm not actively intrested in the 
internals of Gimp's development.  I just hope that my suggestion from 
December of restoring the non-destructive crop functionality (which 
sparked quite some discussion) will not be forgotton - this is a simple 
feature that I have been missing for several Gimp releases now.  Once I 
got used to working with the non-destructive crop, it is really painful 
trying to get by without it.

(Below is my original mail for context, the discussion can be found in the 

Thanks overall for the amazing development of Gimp!  I'm now off to 
continue on an open source project of my own...

Best regards,

On Sun, 21 Dec 2008, Sampo Niskanen wrote:
> Hi,
> In previous versions of Gimp, the crop tool had the option to resize the 
> canvas, but not to crop the layers.  This functionality has been removed in 
> recent versions (or at least I can't find it).  This totally disrupted my 
> regular workflow with all photos.
> Though the highlighting feature in the crop tool gives a better view on the 
> result, it never was exactly to my liking the first time.  Therefore I always 
> only shrank the canvas, and then used the move tool and canvas resizing to 
> fine-tune the positioning, and finally flattened the image.
> With newer versions I have to use the crop tool to get an idea of the size, 
> write down the dimensions, cancel the crop operation, manually change the 
> canvas size and re-position the image - and then start the fine-tuning.  This 
> is extremely frustrating.
> AFAIK none of the modifier keys are currently used by the crop tool, so could 
> this feature be reinstated to the tool?  I recall that a shift-click was used 
> to shrink the canvas instead of performing regular cropping.
> If this feature is available otherwise, please tell me.
> Sincerely,

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