On Fri, 27 Mar 2009, bgw wrote:
> Samp, I didn't look at the archive -- but the functionality you are seeking 
> appears to be in the rectangle selection tool.
> Select a rectangle, move your cursor within the selected rectangle. If it's 
> close to an edge, you can move the edge.  If it's not, you can move the 
> rectangle.

The point is changing the canvas size, but leaving the layers uncropped. 
The current crop tool always crops the layers to the selected area, so you 
cannot fine-tune the position afterwards - previously there was the option 
of cropping only the canvas, and the layers still stretched beyond the 
canvas.  This is what I always do so that I can fine-tune the position 
later on, and since there is no interactive way of doing it in Gimp 
anymore, it becomes a painful trial-and-error cycle (as I described in my 
original post).

Martin Nordholts provided very quickly a one-liner patch for the issue, 
but there came a lot of discussion about how the option should be visible 
from the UI.  I hope that this will come to some conclusion, instead of 
forgetting that feature altogether.


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