On Sat, 28 Mar 2009, Simon Budig wrote:
> The current development branch has the menu entry "Image -> Fit Canvas 
> to Selection", which - together with the rectangle select tool - does 
> provide exactly this functionality.

This functionality is also in the current 2.6 builds.  This feature didn't 
come up in the discussion in December, so this can be used to achieve what 
I want.  Thanks a lot for the tip!

However, I'd say that this is quite an unintuitive way of performing 
cropping.  If I want to crop an image, my attention goes to the features 
offered by the crop tool, not the selection tool.  Therefore I'd still 
consider the "non-destructive" crop feature at least a usability 
enhancement.  At least personally I would assume that the crop tool of a 
professional tool like Gimp would offer this option as well.  (Not sure 
whether PS has it.)


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