> Therefore I'd still
> consider the "non-destructive" crop feature at least a usability
> enhancement.  At least personally I would assume that the crop tool of a
> professional tool like Gimp would offer this option as well.  (Not sure
> whether PS has it.)
I couldn't swear by it, but I don't think it does.

I've had similar issues to you in Gimp regarding this issue.  I've 
learnt to create a new layer above the image, fill it with with black 
and then apply a mask to it to reveal the image below.  I'd quite like 
to have a way to be able to adjust the layer mask on canvas once it's 
been created.  The nice thing about cropping with layers is that you can 
toggle their visibility, so you can check your old crop against your new 

This still doesn't solve the problem of making the mask in the first 
place because neither the mask nor select tools currently conceal the 
area of the image being masked.  The crop tool applies a semi-opaque 
mask to the cropped area, but this isn't really satisfactory.  In this 
case, your method of using the canvas window still has no replacement.  
However, adjusting the opacity of the mask has been specified for both 
the selection and crop tools and I'm trying to learn the gimp code with 
the hope of implementing the feature...cos I need it. :p

I really only use the crop tool to remove unwanted data in order to 
speed up processing of the image from then on.  This has proven to be an 
essential feature even for my (obsolete) 6.1Mpixel camera.

David M.

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