The more I read this, the more I feel that a solution like the present
in Inkscape (wich is not precisely an example of a great interface)
would be a one-time solution for everyone.
Just to see what I'm talking about, open a new Inkscape session, go the
the right edge of the window and drag the bar to the left.
There's the space that will be used to dock the dialogs.
If GIMP would have something like that to dock the floating windows and
toolbox, I guess most of the one-window fans will be satisfied.
I can understand it's not a trivial work, but seems to be a reasonable
solution that can make everyone happy.
I wouldn't need more preferences options, it can behave like the current
windows regarding how the windows positions are saved.
I guess that would be a tad problematic when there is more than one
image open, though.

I'd personally stick with the floating windows just like they are now,
but maybe that possibility would calm some people out there. :-)


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