Rob Antonishen writes:
> Why limit it to path stroking?
> It might be more flexible to create a "stroke style editor" where you
> could visually adjust those attributes including tapers, brush
> spacing, jitter, gradient mapping, and ultimately new features like
> rotation, opacity and scaling (which tapering ultimately is), either
> as start/end values or randomized values.
> These stroke styles could be used either when stroking a path, a
> selection, or just when painting.

It would be SO nice to be able to taper lines when drawing.
It could be handled just like "fade out" is now; or it could be
handled in Brush Dynamics, adjusting Size with Distance.
(The other attributes you mention would be nice too, but
tapering is the one I've wished for most often.)

Either way the UI would be simple, so it's probably not a good student
UI project, but it sure would be useful as a drawing tool attribute.

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