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On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 4:06 PM, Hadrien G. <guydeloinb...@yahoo.fr> wrote:
> Hi !
> Playing with gimp lately, I've been thinking that it would be nice to be
> able to save the toolbox state (and maybe other things related to
> dockable window placement) in profiles.
> As an example, when I make photo editing, I use different tools that
> when I draw. Thanks to gimp's system, I can make toolbox changes that
> reflect those needs. But it's pretty long to play with the toolbox, and
> as there's no "save" button available to save my changes, I don't do
> that that often. I think it's a bit sad.
> Saving windows state would have the same purpose : being able to quickly
> switch between different workspaces that are useful for different works,
> while keeping a clean UI for each work...

Until that is implemented, you can do something like this by creating
additional personal .gimp-2.x directories from copies of your base
one, one for each UI configuration, and specifying which gimprc to use
when running gimp (example commandline: "gimp --gimprc
~/.gimp-2.7-photoedit/gimprc"). Once you've done that, just customize
the UI accordingly for each profile. Then everything is ready and you
can just
create shortcuts or menu items that run a command like "gimp --gimprc

If you want your suggestion implemented, I suggest doing it yourself.
AFAIK it's not too hard, and no developer currently has enough
interest in it to implement it themselves.

Hope that helps,
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