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Hi Hadrian!

On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 4:06 PM, Hadrien G. <guydeloinb...@yahoo.fr> wrote:
Hi !

Playing with gimp lately, I've been thinking that it would be nice to be
able to save the toolbox state (and maybe other things related to
dockable window placement) in profiles.

As an example, when I make photo editing, I use different tools that
when I draw. Thanks to gimp's system, I can make toolbox changes that
reflect those needs. But it's pretty long to play with the toolbox, and
as there's no "save" button available to save my changes, I don't do
that that often. I think it's a bit sad.

Saving windows state would have the same purpose : being able to quickly
switch between different workspaces that are useful for different works,
while keeping a clean UI for each work...

Until that is implemented, you can do something like this by creating
additional personal .gimp-2.x directories from copies of your base
one, one for each UI configuration, and specifying which gimprc to use
when running gimp (example commandline: "gimp --gimprc
~/.gimp-2.7-photoedit/gimprc"). Once you've done that, just customize
the UI accordingly for each profile. Then everything is ready and you
can just
create shortcuts or menu items that run a command like "gimp --gimprc

If you want your suggestion implemented, I suggest doing it yourself.
AFAIK it's not too hard, and no developer currently has enough
interest in it to implement it themselves.

Hope that helps,
Thanks for that suggestion !
I'll try doing my best ;)

But since I've never played with gimp's source code, nor with the GTK thing (I've already done a lot of Delphi programming, and know a bit of C++/SDL, but I don't think this will help there...), may I ask for some help here, specifically on the following areas of interest ? => I'm currently using Microsoft Windows XP as my main OS. Would it help greatly to get some Linux distro back on my hard drive ? => How does one design the gimp UI ? Are there graphical tools/XML files/other high-level things to know about ? Or is this hard-coded in some unit (and, in that case, which unit) ? => By the way, could one show me an example of gimp config file saving code, to know which standard applies here ? => A proposal is to switch between whole different gimprcs. Is this really wise ? I mean, shouldn't some settings stay profile-independant, say, those about memory management, help system, display (especially DPI), color management, and folders ? I think that one should first plot some boundaries around the profile thing. What should be included in a profile, and what shouldn't ?
Personnally, I would suggest :
-Toolbox state
-Dockable windows status
-Keyboard shortcuts (maybe)
-Tool options
-Image window appearance (maybe)
-Extended input peripheral shortcuts (maybe)
=> Should one new config file be created for each profile, and a "profile" subfolder be added to the .gimp-2.x directory ? In any case, which naming convention should I use ?
=> Should this setting be called a profile or workspace ?
=> Where should this be put in GUI to make people know about it ? The preference dialog is a pretty obvious location, but since this is more likely to be used as a tool than as a setting, shouldn't there be a specific dockable window about it ? And should this be added to the default UI or not ?

Thanks ;)

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