I am a student at IT-BHU India. I am interested in the project of
Advanced GUI for brush dynamics suggested by Alexia Death on the ideas page
of GNU image manipulation program.I have already applied for the project.My
application goes like this

As a GNU image manipulation program user I also feel it would be exciting to
add new options to brush dynamics.This project would aim at creating a new
GUI for brush dynamics as mentioned on the ideas page but would also add
some new options like varying the brush properties like color,size,opacity
with time in a loop for every x sec.Other than the size,color,opacity shape
of the brush could also be mapped against the parameters like
velocity,pressure,time.About my skill set I am good at c++ and familiar to
gtk+.I am using it to build interface for my project at school GUI for
set-cover problem--The greedy approach and also to simulate tools like
calculator paintbox etc
I was also asked to write why do i think i would be out of the crowd.I am
familiar to gtk+ ,I have used it for a couple of small projects and I am
good at c++  so I think I will be cope up with the standards faster.People I
really need some comments on this so pls leave some
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