I'm looking for the best/easiest/most reliable way to run a task at Gimp 
startup. The idea is to run the task once Gimp is up and running, with 
all windows rendered and ready. The task at hand is this one:


[ HOWTO: autohide GIMP dock windows using gnome panel ]

Those scripts work but they currently rely on a timeout to wait for Gimp 
to start. That is a lousy way to do this as sometimes it takes longer 
for Gimp to start - so the script won't work, and other times it takes 
less time (or no time at all in case Gimp is already up and running) in 
which case the script pauses for naught.

So what I'd like to have is some way to reliable get a signal when Gimp 
is up and running, or some hook to attach to for starting programs at 
that point in time.

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