My name is Rafael. I would like to take part this Google Summer of Code, and
I got really interested in some Gimp project ideas related to my area of
research. Here I send the application I am planning to submit. If it is
possible, I wold be very glad if someone could tell me what he/she thinks
about this document.
I give more details in the proposal.

Thank you very much

Rafael Henrique Castanheira de SouzaProject: "Highlights/Shadow compression"

My name is Rafael. I am a Brazilian, currently a PhD student at Tokyo
Institute of Technology. I took my undergraduate and master course at State
University of Campinas (Unicamp), both in computer science. Besides, my
master course was focused on computer vision and image processing. During
the last year I have being studying in Tokyo Tech as a research student,
working with computer vision and image processing.

So, my major is computer science with emphasis on image processing and
computer vision. However, I also have great interest in artificial
intelligence and graph theory.

Finally, my irc nick is rafaelh and my native language are Portuguese and
Software Development Skills
During my undergraduate course I developed many small software related to my
area of research. As my undergraduate research, I developed a tracking
system for the Morris water maze. It was a system designed to deal of
tracking in videos digitalized from VHS tapes, with low quality and heavy
noise. To deal with this, the system used mathematical morphology
algorithms. During my master course, I developed an extension of this
system, with several new features. The most important one was the ability of
tracking multiple targets, since occlusion is an important issue in this
situation. To deal with it I created a graph representation of the
occlusions during the tracking process and used an ant colony heuristic to
find the occlusion solution.
I developed this programs in both Linux and Windows, keeping the code
compatible with both platforms. I developed both programs using C++ under
E-macs (for Linux) and DevCpp (Windows). I used the LTI library for the
basic image processing operations. During my research student period, I
implemented in Matlab a prototype for a system for image alignment using
local deformation. This system is meant to be applied in the removal of
color artifacts in endoscopic images through non-rigid registration of color
I have a basic knowledge of GTK+, enough for the project I intend to apply.
I have never been involved in other Free Software projects before.

Image Manipulation Skills
I only use image manipulation software for basic tasks, without artistic
purposes. However, I have a wide knowledge of image processing problems and
algorithms to solve them, since this is my area of research.
GIMP and GEGL Skills
I used GIMP in a user level. I have heard about GEGL, but I have never used
it yet. I have not contributed to GIMP or GEGL either. I use the GIMP
version in my distro's packages.
SoC Project
I have never participated in Summer of Code. I have got very interested in
the project "Highlights/Shadow compression". Its content is related to my
area of research, is a very useful operator and it would be very nice to see
it added to the GEGL library and used in GIMP.
So, my goal is to implement a fast and robust version of this operator. Now
I am a graduate student and I do not work, since I receive a scholarship. I
would have no problem to dedicate 5 hours/day (or more, during summer
vacations) in this project. Since I am a PhD student, I do not have to take
any class, so it would not interfere with the project.
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