I intend to join this year's GSoC as a student for GIMP.

I'm Jerson Perpetua, a BS Computer Science student from the
University of the Philippines Mindanao, Philippines.  I am an
experienced C/C++ developer, working for software ranging from
school projects to small to mid-sized business applications.
Additionally, I am fluent in object-oriented languages like C++
(as previously mentioned) and Java.  Though I have little experience
with GTK+ & GLib, I am confident that I can learn as I develop.
This last bit springs from my passion in Free Software and
programming in general.  I am quite resourceful and can work with
the least amount of supervision.  Also, if ever I get accepted, I will
be working full-time for this project as I have no other commitments
this summer.

Being quite a bit of a graphics enthusiast myself, I am interested in
the unique fusion of art and technology.  I have been a long-time
GIMP user and wanted to contribute code-wise (in fact, I have used
GIMP as a free-lance web graphics artist).  My interests are in the
field of 3D graphics (OpenGL, GPGPU, etc.), 2D graphics and
interface usability.  I have prepared for this year's GSoC by
learning the required technologies (OpenGL, GTK+, GObject, etc.)
and reading GIMP and GEGL's source codes.

I fully intend to participate in the Free Software movement by
contributing code.  This is a good opportunity for me to get started
and to familiarize myself with the internal workings of GIMP.  Also,
to be frank, the stipend will be of much help as I prepare for an
independent life ahead doing free-lance Free Software development.

I have read your ideas list and have gotten a couple of topics from
there that I am quite interested at (+ a blue-sky one):

* Beginnings of a node-based compositor for GIMP
* OpenGL GPU resampling in GEGL
* Improved Foreground Selection Tool

I know that most of these are pretty ambitious considering my
qualifications, but I've been meaning to acquire the skills to
implement them and GSoC seems like the perfect opportunity!
I will be idling at your IRC channel later to ask for your advice and
to discuss the gory details.  My IRC nick is Daerd (pronounced
like the 'tard' in 'retard' :-).  Thank you.

(Oh, BTW, my native language is Filipino but I can speak and
write English quite fluently.  Also, I have manually formatted this
message to accommodate for the common horizontal width of
most posts in this mailing list.  Is this at all necessary?)

Best Wishes,
jersonperpetua at gmail dot com
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