Hi all,

I'm a photo amateur, and I do like gimp. I posted some time ago some 
hints to make gimp more useful for photo retouch, and some have been 
done in 2.6.

At this time, gimp seems to me that need speed. It is far away from 
Photoshop and other commercial softwares, and things are getting worse 
using GEGL (as I tried in 2.7 development program): I checked in Windows 
and in Ubuntu 8.10, AMD 3000+/64 plus 1GB RAM.

When I use curves, preview is redrawed very slowly, I can see the 
"blocks" under updating.

I know that GIMP is open source, and developers don't want to compete 
with Photoshop (or Photoshop Express, or Paint Shop PRO, ...), but this 
is the real world in photo retouching. I just want to be honest, end to 
emphasize this issue.

Many thanks a lot if you'll do something to increase performances.


Andrea Olivotto

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