Hi, GIMP developers.

I would like to participate in the GSoC '09 in two projects:

1.Better nonlinear resampler with built-in antialiasing (GEGL)
2.Fractal Resizing

The filled form is below, my CV is attached for more detailed info on skills.

-----------------------------------APP FORM-----------------------------------
-- About me --
Vladimir Volkov
Kiev School Of Economics (second higher education)
Kiev National University of Taras Shevchenko, Cybernetics college
My background: I posses a master degree in applied math and have professional 
experience in SW development (see below)
IRC nick:               lepricon
Native language:        Russian

-- SW Development Skills --
I used to take part in development of telecommunication software for two 
years. I used to work in the Aricent company.
Platform:       GNU/Linux
Familiar with C/C++, Glib.
Free software development: yes, when developing hierarchic interface over 
SQLite DBMS for GNU/Linux driven DECT/WiFi phone.

-- Image Manipulation Skills --
For image manipulation I use GIMP
Believe myself to be an experienced user. 
I used to implement a few clustering algorithms using Mean Shift, and tried 
fractal image compressing.

-- GIMP and GEGL Skills --
I use GIMP almost every day as default advanced photo editor.
I didn't build it before, I use the one provided with my distro.

-- GSoC Project -- 
I did not participated in the previous GSoC because I was not a student that 
summer. :)
I have chosen those projects because this is great opportunity to get an 
experience in large scale image processing,  contribute to opensource 
software along with earning some money.
The goal is to improve my favorite image editor and get my name written in 
lists of GIMP developers.
I could devote up to 20 hours a week to the development.
Yes, there are two bunches of exams: in the end of May (midterms) and in the 
end of June (finals).

-- Short project development plan --
 1.Setting up an environment;
        a)acquainting with the GIMP developers, building GEGL & GIMP; (1 week)
         b)getting familiar with the code; (1 weeks)
 2.Deeper understanding the library, algorithms design;
         a)GEGL internals investigation; (1 week)
         b)search for ideas and design & implementation of the resampler; (2 
         c)search for ideas and design & implementation of the fractal resizer; 
 3.Bugfixing (1 week)
 4.Deploying and other (rest of the time)
----------------------------------END OF FORM-------------------------------

Regards, Vladimir

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