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> David Gowers wrote:
>> ....
>> I hope I've addressed your concerns.
>> David
> Thanks a lot for your fast reply and your answers!
> I'm happy to hear that GEGL is going to be the solution for responsiveness.
> Another request for you: I'm a firmware programmer, and I know C programming
> quite well, and some time ago I tried to compile GIMP in Windows enviroment,
> but I can't find a complete tutorial, relative to 2.6 tree (and now 2.7).
> I think it would be very very useful, attracting many more developers than
> now, where a new programmer have to spend days and days searchinf for
> incomplete info on Internet and asking to GIMP developers.


Unsatisfactory or incomplete?
Is developer.gimp.org missing a link to it? (I haven't checked)

> Ind maybe people like me, with some programming skills and with strong
> photography needs, may improve GIMP, even just asking some new features or
> tools.

If you have ideas that are related more to UI than technology, I
encourage you to submit them to http://gimp-brainstorm.blogspot.com
(submission instructions can be found there)

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