My name is Nebojsa Andjelkovic and I am a MSc student of Computer Science
and Informatics at the Faculty of Electronic Engeneering, University of Nis,
Serbia. My currently GPA is 9.7/10 ( top 1%). Also, I have a part time job
in the USA-based company MotionDSP (www.motiondsp.com) as a resercher and
developer. I've been working on various image and video processing
algorithms for deblurring, color and contrast enhancement(ACE, CLAHE),
superresolution, motion detection, stabilization etc.I have a strong
background in C/C++ programing on both windows and linux platforms.
Furthermore, I took part in research activities and development of an
algorithm for copyright detection of video material which we have patented
last year.

Software Development skills
As a employee of the MotionDSP I have been working on the flowing projects:
1. mdspproc, C/C++ command line aplication (linux and windows platforms) for
video processing/enhancement ( stabilization, color/contrast enhancement,
frame interpolation,     superresolution, deblocking, deblurring etc)
I have been working on contrat enhancement, deblurring and stabilization
algorithms and their's implementation and  optimization in C. Furthermore I
took a part in theirs GPU (CUDA) implementations. Also I have been working
on input and  output file formats (video codecs, audio codecs, subtitle
codecs, etc)

2. mdspproc, as a shared library (linux .so and windows .dll). I took part
in building this library (making a debin intallation packet ). Also I tok a
part in making an interface between this library and our two main
aplications (Ikena and Vreveal).

Tools that I have been using: Kdevelop, Kgdb, GNU Toolchain - gcc, gdb,
make, MS Visual C++, Eclipse SDK + cdt.
Software development and programming: C/C++ programming (5 years of
expirience)  Java, BASH, Python, Lisp.

Image Manipulation Skills
I use image manipulations software for some basic tasks( crop/rotate/ resize
etc). Nevertheless I possess a good knowledge of image/video processing
algorithms and problems. As I already said I have been working on many of
enough of them.

GIMP & GEGL expirience
I use GIMP almost every day as a default photo editor. I heard about GEGL
but I haven't used it yet. Also I downloaded GEGL source code and compiled

Beside being a good student with strong background in image processing, I'm
also very passionate about Free Software. I'm an active member of "GNU
Club", a local student group of free software users, activists and
enthusiasts and I can say that I'm an experienced "user member" of the
community. For a long time now I've been willing to try to do some free
software development, it's just that I never were daring enough to try that
all by my self. Summer of Code looks like a perfect chance for me, and being
a GIMP user and enthusiast, your community would be my choice.

Based on all this, I would like to apply for Google Summer of Code 2009 as
one of the GIMP students. I have never participated in Google SoC. I have
read GIMP's suggested ideas and I find some of them very interesting and
related to my area of research. Also Google SoC will be a good reference for
my future apliccation for the PhD studies. The one of the most atractive
project to me is "Highlights/Shadow compression". I've read the paper ("A
Locally Tuned Nonlinear Technique for Color Image Enhancement") and I can
say that I'm alredy familiar with the idea of the project. Having in mind
all my plans for the summer, I would be able (and more than happy:) to
dedicate 30 hours/week to this project, which is, in my oppinion, more then
enough to finish it on time.

Here is my project drafts:

1. Get to know with the mentor, building GEGL 02.05.2009 - 08.05.2009
2 Reading documentation and geting familiar with the GEGL code 09.05.2009 -
3 Reaserch (finding the best algorithm solution for this project in
cooperation with the mentor) 16.05.2009 - 29.05.2009
Implement median filter, to compute mean image and optimize the algorithm
Matlab & SciLab implementation of the choosen algorithm
4 Coding and implementing the algorithm in GEGL 30.05.2009 - 26.06.2009
(add new .c an .h files to the gegl-root/operations/common and implementing
appropriate algorithm)
(Tools: GNU Toolchain - gcc, gdb, and make. KDevelop and Kgdb)
5 Fine tuning appropriate parameters of the algorithm 27.06.2009 -
6 First alpha version and mid-term evaluation 04.07.2009 - 10.07.2009
7 Code optimization and further impruvements of the algorithm 11.07.2009 -
Dev blog, and testing algorithm with other platforms (win32/64, osx)
8 Testing and bugfix 25.07.2009 - 31.07.2009
9 Further optimization, testing and bug fixing 01.08.2009 - 09.08.2009
10 Writing documentation and final evaluation 10.08.2009 - 24.08.2009
11 Submiting code to google.  25.09.2009 -

I would like to ask if you see me as a student working on this project? If
you find my skills more appropriate for some other, similar project, please
let me know. I will appreciate any suggestions. It will be my pleasue to
answer any further questions and provide all information that you might

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.
Nebojsa Andjelkovc
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