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From: Dread Knight <>
Date: Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 4:36 PM
Subject: Advanced brush dynamics GUI proposal #2

Hello gimps!
I'm know in the various parts of the internet as *Dread Knight*, my real
name is *Valentin Anastase* and I'm from Romania, last year in college,
management topic.
I graduated mathematics-informatics high-school but I'm not really a coder.
I have worked as a 3d interior designer in the past for 2 companies, I'm a
freelancer artist and a game developer, almost have my name on a soon to be
published commercial game for the Nintendo DS, my role in the team being of
3d lead character artist.
I'm using linux/Ubuntu since about feisty, converted to open source and
linux, i am an open source advocate. I have a lot of experience when it
comes to graphics/animation, game development and GUI design, which i spend
most of my day working on; know to use most of the graphics/animation
packages out there, either open source or commercial.
I'm helping out various open source projects with graphics and
usability/designs. I'm up to date with everything that happens in the open
source world and given enough time I'll post mock-ups for GNOME/KDE related
applications on regular basis on my blog.
I have founded a non-profit organization a while ago with help from some of
my buddies and in spare time we're working on 2 open source game projects
using open source tools and free services mainly. This is our take in making
linux a better 'place' as well as to advocate the open source tools we use
in our pipeline (blender, gimp, inkscape etc) in real scale projects and
improve them.

I think the GUI for brush dynamics is one of the most important projects for
gimp, since the people who can make the most eye candy stuff with gimp are
digital artists who make master pieces from scratch and for sure use a
graphic tablet or a tablet pc, so pressure sensitivity plays an important
role to them.
More eye candy stuff made with gimp and posted accross some of the biggest
art communities such as deviantart = more interest into gimp, more people
suing it, more support and resources and more developers working on it.
Simple as that.

I can guarantee you fellow gimps i can come up with *outstanding mock-up
designs* that are not only e*asy and intuitive to use*, but also *fun*.
Already have a couple of ideas in mind. What i can't guarantee is that i can
code the GUI myself, but i'm sure willing to try that if the mentor will
have enough pacience/dedication.
Most projects usually have awesome backends, but when it comes to GUI
design/usability, they lack a lot in the eyes of the average users that use
commercial applications downloaded off warez sites. *I am looking forward to
changing that.*

My plan-of-action will be:

- make indept analysis of how the most popular graphical packages approach
brush dynamics and figure out pros and cons (1 week)
- try new different approaches that are in theme with the future of Gimp's
GUI and realistical regarding what the GTK+ toolkit is capable of (2 weeks)
- decide on the GUI design to implement and try hard to code it (?)  (5

Always wondered how it's to code : )
My IRC name is DreadKnight, you can find me on freenode (#AncientBeast) and
gimp servers (#Gimp)

Best regards,
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